Since 1855, on the National Register of Historic Places. Now celebrating 165 years.

We can reverse climate change, one farm at a time.

We can reverse climate change, one farm at a time.

We can reverse climate change, one farm at a time. We can reverse climate change, one farm at a time.

Donald Farm works to reverse the climate crisis

Regenerative Agriculture and agroforestry practices play a critical role in ending the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground. It starts by restoring farmland soil health. As we work to create an educational agroforestry demonstration farm, the Donald Farm (at Dane County's Donald Park) serves as a model for capturing carbon. We are transforming our family farm to reverse our carbon footprint and create a net-positive impact on our climate. 

Together we can change modern farming to reverse our impact on the planet.

 Agroforestry (the planting of deep-root perennial crops and trees) can not only be more profitable for farmers in the Midwest, but this change in farming practices can make agriculture a climate solution, rather than a source of carbon emissions. 

By returning to decades-lost farming practices, farmers and their land in the Midwest have the power to pull carbon down out of the atmosphere, keep the planet cool, and (critically) create more profitable family enterprises in the process.

Research shows that the conversion of millions of acres of farmland away from industrial agriculture will create measurable carbon sequestration. This massive reduction of carbon allows America to create lasting impact to eliminate global warming, right here in the Midwest. 

We seek to educate the public on the importance of regenerating soil health as a catalyst to reverse climate change. 

One farm, one township, one county, one Midwestern state at a time. 

Young people today have a real fear of the future of the planet and their existence on it. The seed of possibility to save the planet is in the hands of all of us. That brings our young people into a future of family farming they can enjoy. And create a comfortable living from.

The Donald Farm is on a mission to help Ag students and U.S. farmers who have an interest in adopting and converting farms and farmland to agroforestry and regenerative agriculture, by assisting them with tools, research, and support systems to successfully navigate change and the transition process.   

Join us, and help us bring cutting edge agroforestry solutions to the climate crisis, through profound change across the Midwest. 

Together, we are on the necessary journey to reverse climate change.


Farmhouse Modern: Preserved and restored.


Donald Farm is adjacent to Dane County’s 775 acre Donald Park


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